Why Parents like Pack 628

  • Builds children’s self esteem
  • Kids have fun learning practical skills and knowledge
  • Lots of recognition of achievement
  • Trips to enjoyable places you might not get to otherwise
  • Meet other families with similar interests
  • Parents and siblings are involved
  • Learn about community
  • Easy participation in high-quality events without doing it all yourself


  • Dens usually meet two evenings a month; boys do activities toward requirements for achievement awards.
  • Pack meetings are one evening a month on Wednesday, and feature award recognition and fun activities

What Pack 628 is NOT

  • Militaristic – Boys generally like wearing the Scout uniform.
  • Exclusive – We welcome boys and families of all backgrounds.
  • Particularly Religious – Scouting intentionally embraces all religions of God and offers achievement awards for learning about 25 of the world’s religions.
  • A Day Care – Even if you don’t want to volunteer to lead activities, you are encouraged to attend the meetings and events and be with your son. Our activities are parent/son oriented

If you use a calendar program that allows you to subscribe to ics calendar files (such as google calendar or your calendar app on the iPhone), here are the urls you can use for our Pack and Den Calendars: Pack 628 Calendar: https://www.scoutbook.com/ics/11639.4FB2E.ics 

Unlike other programs your son might enroll in, Cub Scouting involves the whole family, no matter what size or parental make-up exists in the home. In Tigers, you are your son’s Adult Partner. In Wolves and Bears, you are Akela, the wise leader of the tribe of Webelos, and the final judge of your son’s efforts. At the Webelos rank, you are the Activity Badge counselors that could help influence a boy’s career direction.

Throughout the year you may be asked to assist on different committees, and or at different events.

Please volunteer freely, and give of yourself when called upon to help. You will find it a rewarding experience, and one in which you and your son will remember that you did together.

Important Documents

Youth Application

Youth Application

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Adult Application

Application form for a parent/volunteer
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Medical Forms

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